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Halal Meats - Sunshine Supermarkets - Food Market - Halal Meats and More from Sunshine Supermarket

Halal Meats and More from Sunshine Supermarket

Are you looking for local fresh foods? Are you tired of supporting the big chain supermarkets? Do you have a hankering for high-quality halal meats? The Sunshine Supermarket has bright sunshine quality at low, low prices. You can shop for top brands and fresh halal meats in downtown Philadelphia, PA. You receive friendly neighborhood services, and the stock is always plentiful.

Halal Meats

Halal Meats

Sunshine quality halal meats are plentiful. You can choose from fresh chicken or scrumptious roast, or corned beef. Stop by the Sunshine Supermarket for your daily lunch meats. Decide on thinly sliced turkey breasts or turkey ham. Pick up some chicken wings for your next football party. You can even buy some bold-flavor smoked turkey sticks. Come on in for specials and deals of the week.

Full Flavor Deli

You can pick up some sunshine-quality halal meats and choose from several items on their deli menu. Are you looking for a quick bite on your lunch break? Enjoy the freshness of a shrimp cocktail. Dig into a 1-foot hoagie. Top off your meal with potato or macaroni salad. You could even grab a coleslaw. Were you feeling like a light meal today? Choose from a garden salad or a turkey salad, guaranteed to jumpstart or tastebuds. The Sunshine Supermarket deli also offers a variety of packages. Take home a lot for a little moola.

Always Fresh Produce

The produce is always hit or miss when you shop at big chain stores. Some things are too ripe, and others are not ripe enough. The salad is wilted, and the potatoes may be rotten. Sunshine quality produce at Sunshine Supermarket has fresh ingredients for your Sunday dinner. Bright collard greens, delightful berries, and several types of onions are just a smidgen of their extensive produce section.

Miscellaneous Household Items

No need to go to a big-box store. Sunshine Supermarket has you covered. Everyday sunshine quality products such as hygiene, storage, and home fresheners are available. Are you having a special event this weekend? Pick up your supplies here! BBQ grills, paper plates, and beverage dispensers are just a fraction of what they offer. Additionally, you can purchase some electronics, kitchen supplies, and children’s necessities.

Stop by Sunshine Supermarket at two convenient locations, 16 S 60th St., Philadelphia, PA, or 5228 Market St., Philadelphia, PA. Visit their website to shop online. They offer free delivery on orders of $100 or more! Don’t delay! Come on down to get your sunshine-quality products today!