- Sunshine Supermarkets - Food Market - In Sunshine Supermarket Get your Halal Meats
 - Sunshine Supermarkets - Food Market - In Sunshine Supermarket Get your Halal Meats

Get your Halal Meats and More from Sunshine Supermarket

Are you looking for some local halal meat? Do you know what halal meat is? No? Are you intrigued? Look no further! Sunshine Supermarket is a locally owned family business in the greater Philadelphia area. With two convenient locations, you can pick up your daily meats until 7 pm or 4 pm on Sundays.

 Halal Meats in Sunshine Supermarket

At Sunshine Supermarket, we specialize in halal meats. These foods represent the Muslim culture. In Arabic, halal means permissible. According to Islamic law, a person neutralizes the animal by cutting through the carotid artery, windpipe, and jugular vein. While the animal’s blood is draining, the Muslim hunter delivers a dedication from the Quran. Many believe this makes the meat fresher as well as healthier. Before the process, the animal must be alive and free of ailments.

We offer ten varieties of halal meat. These include chicken, beef, turkey, and turkey ham. Sunshine Supermarket prides itself on its commitment to quality and freshness. Our family brings supplementary meats and dairy to your family daily.

We offer a wide selection of other products, along with our halal meats. Sunshine Supermarket provides a fresh deli, frozen foods, and a wide range of produce. Our shop can be your one-stop place for anything you may need, including household items.

Stop by today at either one of our locations, 16 S 60th St. or 5228 Market St. You can also shop on our website at Sunshine Supermarket. On the site, you can find flyers or monthly deals. Sunshine Supermarket is dedicated to keeping our prices affordable. We offer free delivery!